On the Issues

As a member of the Lake County Board, Melinda has experience balancing a government budget – often voting against budgets she felt could have been reduced further to respect these tough economic times. Each year since being elected in 2008, she has given back her raise. Springfield needs proven leaders we can trust to fund programs that help Lake County and cut programs that do not work. Leaders we can trust to pay our bills on time, and end the culture of procrastination we have created by borrowing money from the pension fund and spending it.


Melinda comes from a background of modest means, and at a young age learned the importance of having a good job with a competitive wage. As a small-business owner, she also learned the challenges of providing those jobs. With a proven record of bringing hundreds of jobs to Lake County, Melinda will continue her fight to create jobs and elevate the quality of life for the residents of the 31st Senate District.


Faced with cronyism and corruption at the Lake County and Forest Preserve Boards, Melinda was the first commissioner to stand up and cry foul. She called for, and won, substantial ethics reform that resulted in real changes to County ethics ordinances. Melinda will take that same sense of right and wrong with her to Springfield, where she will work to end pension double- and triple-dipping, pay-for-play politics and political cronyism.


Thanks to her work in education, Melinda knows first-hand how important exceptional teachers and an animated school environment are to a child’s education. She believes that we need to invest in the development of quality educators and school systems that are accountable to the needs of teachers, students and parents. Whether in the public or private school systems, students deserve an opportunity to succeed.


Melinda has always believed that the environment and the economy are not mutually exclusive. She believes it is necessary to invest in green jobs and bring new technologies to Lake County. She supports expanding the Technology Development Account run by Treasurer Dan Rutherford's office, investing in technology start-ups and business expansion in Illinois.